DIY: Quick & Easy Braided Headband

DIY: Quick & Easy Braided Headband

Hey everyone!
So this week I have a very quick, easy, and cute DIY! All you will need is: an old cotton T-shirt, a hair  elastic, a pair of scissors and a needle/thread. The end result will be a cute and versatile braided headband. I thrifted a tye dye T-shirt for 2 bucks, I thought it would make for a cool change in colors along the braid but you can easily do it with a plain colored shirt or cut up a couple colors and mix them in. Here are examples of braided headbands sold in stores:

This one sells for $16 at Urban Outfitters!

This other one I found at shopbop.com is going for $18.

Here’s mine. Total cost: $2.00 :) Here’s how you can achieve frugal greatness….

Step One:

Cut 3 strips from the bottom of the T-shirt (I made my strips about an inch and a quarter each because I wanted a thicker headband) the thinner the strips, the thinner your headband will be ( I wouldn’t go thinner than about an inch though, the strands get really hard to work with). Next cut each strip along the side to double their length and make them long single strands.

Step Two:

Tie a knot at one end of the strands (to secure one end while you braid) Then begin to braid your 3 strands (as seen below)…

And once your done you will have a huge braided strand to work with…

**You are free to stop at this step and just tie the strands in a knot in the back but if you want a tidier looking headband the next few steps will show you how to attach an elastic to the ends like the ones sold in stores. I bought a Youth Large T-shirt so this as a belt was pretty fit, but I’m sure if I used a larger size shirt I could have the knotted strands hanging which would make for a cute rope-like look. Try it & see what happens! :)

Here’s what it looked like as a belt, I think this would look really cute if I had a couple more braided belts to layer on. Well anywho, you have that option or you could finish it off as a headband and do the following…

Step Three:

Take apart one of the knots and sew along the end of the braid (you can do this with a sewing machine or by hand)

Step Four:

Cut your elastic hairband in half and sew one end onto the end of the braid. I not only sewed the elastic into the braid but also wrapped some thread around, just to secure it.

Step Five:

Cut a small rectangular piece from the fabric (this will serve as a cover of the sewing you just did), fold it in half to have a thicker piece to work with, & wrap it around the end of the braid. (as seen above)

You’re going to sew along this ‘seam’ you’ve created (by hand). I used this light colored thread so you could see what I did, theoretically you should use thread that most closely matches your fabric.

Step Six:

Measure where your headband will fit best with the elastic attached and cut any extra braid. In my case, I ended up cutting about half of what I started with, so I could really make two of these headbands if I wanted. Repeat steps 3-5 with the other end and…….

Tadaa! You have your very own braided headband that was tons cheaper then in stores! Let me know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions!


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