Gellac/Shellac: The Newest Nail Craze

Gellac/Shellac: The Newest Nail Craze

Hey DMVers!

Last Friday I had my first experience with the newest nail polish craze, Gellac. Some of you may know it as Shellac, Gellish, and OPI Axxium, which are all different brands. These gel nail polishes are applied like regular nail polish, but require a UV lamp to harden the gel product after each layer is placed on the nail.

Shellac manicures and pedicures resist chipping and fading and can last as long as 2-3 weeks. Typically the manicure need to be touched up or redone simply because new nail growth is showing, comparable to acrylic nails. One of the other distinct benefits is the fast drying time. By making use of the UV lamp between each and every layer, the nails polish dries fast, eliminating wet nail smudges and dents. The colors that are being offered are limited, but with the growing popularity of this new nail polish, more colors are being added all the time.

I went to Cherry Nail Salon in Vienna and was charged $30 for my gellac manicure. I loved the way the nail polish looked right away. It’s four days later and my nails still look great. All except for one, my manicurist didn’t do a great job on my thumb – she used too much of the product and it has now chipped. I have to go back for her to fix it, which I’m not happy about.

My general consensus is that I like the gel nails and I would do it again. A regular manicure might last for 3 days on me before several nails chip. These nails have already outlasted a regular manicure, but I will have to keep you posted on how they look at the one and two week mark.

Have you tried gel nails? Let us know your thoughts as we always love to hear from you!



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