Just A Little Friday Distraction :)

Just A Little Friday Distraction :)

Ana and Andrea are enjoying well deserved vacations (can’t wait for my turn in a few weeks). With them gone it has left me with the task to find my own source of entertainment/fashion fix. Magazines to my rescue! Call me a magazine junky, I kept my nose buried deep in them all week lol.

One of my favorite article is Glamour’s “It’s O.K….”. I find comfort in knowing that some of the strange things I do are perfectly normal lol. Their article gave me the idea to write my own ” It’s NOT O.K…..” version. While reading my list, please remember that the ideas are purely based on my opinion (don’t take it too seriously lol). 

Enjoy DMV Fashionistas and next week we will return with our popular Street Fashion Friday!

It’s NOT o.k……..

1. To spend more money on a pair of pants, then on your new haircut (think about it you wear your hair 24/7, it’s worth it)

2. To break out the summer gear (flip flops, booty shorts,etc..) when their is still melting snow outside!

3. To buy/wear something just because it was made available to buy ( hot pink UGG boots, need I say more) 

4. To walk out of your house without consulting a  full length mirror (you never know who you will run into)

5. To walk around in nightwear clothing ( PJ’s/lingerie) outside.

6. To wear WHITE socks with BLACK shoes! (this goes out to the gentlemen too)

7. To sport jersey gear when the season over (put away your Redskins gear).

8. To put on soooo much perfume that I can smell you coming from a mile away (less is definitely more).

9. To have your undergarments (bra/underwear) showing in public. Think strapless and higher rise pants.

10. To take life too seriously :)

I would love to hear what you think (do you agree?? or are you thinking seriously Adriana?!?). I’m sure many of you have run into some of these examples. What other things could I have added to my list?

Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy the fabulous warm weather!

Stay classy DMV,


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