New Season = New Rules

New Season = New Rules

Fall is literally around the corner and with the recent temperature change I can definitely feel it (I dusted off my boots just the other day lol). This brought me the inspiration to create a small list of rules that should be considered when transitioning to the new fall season. Take a look and let me know what you think 😉

1. White pants  need to make their exit:

Although the old school rule of not wearing white after Labour Day has lost it’s punch, try off white or cream as a better option. I see bright white and i instantly think…. tourist!

2. Red, white, and blue…..time to break up the trio:

Red is a huge hit this fall! (Express has these bright red pants that I’m sure a brave fashionista can definitely pull off). Navy blue is a great foundation color to have in your closet but to wear all three colors just doesn’t work anymore. I love the cute patriotic look in the summer but for now mix it up and break them apart.

3. Transition should not equal extreme:

There is a nice nip in the air and making sure you are warm for the falling temperatures is essential. BUT…… please put away the UGG boots!  I have a pair of UGG boots and they keep my toes nice and toasty during snow storms but should you really be wearing them in the third week of September?No! Right now there are an infinite number of OMG gotta have boots (I just purchased 3 pairs in the past week) that you can save the UGG’s for a later time.

4. Keep the work out gear in the gym:

Running errands are unavoidable many days but why look like you just step out of the gym. Remember ladies that you never know who you are going to run into while you are out so always set yourself up for a fabulous first impression.

5.  Turn hot into cool:

An easy way to remember this rule is if the name of the color starts with “hot” then make it a not. Trade those shades for nuetrals and cool colors.

What rules do you go by in the fall? I am so super excited that the new season is here (not officially but the weather has a different agenda lol). Bring on the chilly air, I’m ready :0)

Stay classy DMV,


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