Trend Alert: Coachella

Trend Alert: Coachella

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Coachella”? No, it’s not the latest name for the new summer Coach bag (good guess though lol). Coachella is the name for the annual indie festival held in Indio Valley, California. Think outdoorsy, spring music festival :) Well aside from enjoying the fabulous music from bands such as Radiohead, The Pixies, and Coldplay, this festival proves to be pure fashion inspiration. After looking through all the pictures from this event, my definition of this festival would be summed up in three words  “bohemian meets earthy collaboration” (ok four words but you get the idea lol). Take a look at these trendy outfits and transend into pure “Coachella” inspiration!

Coachella 2011


Picture: Nichole Richie, www.starandstyle.com

Nichole is the definition of bohemian style. I love her green handbag!


Picture: Chanel, www.poiseandvogue.blogspot.com

The floppy hat is an essentail accessory for pulling off the Coachella look <3

Picture: Vanessa Hudgens, www.starandstyle.com

Vanessa’s outfit is the definition of Coachella.  Denim cutoff shorts are a trend I can’t wait to sport :)

Picture: Kate Bosworth, www.shadesdaddyblog.com

Kate patriotic and adorable. Love ,love, love!

Picture: Katy Perry, www.simplestylee.blogspot.com

Katy Perry is a wearing a vintage ruffle dress. Very feminine yet trendy at the same time.

Picture: Penn Badgley, www.gossipteen.com

Here we see some outfit inspiration for the fellas. Laid back look  yet still very stylish (wouldn’t mind seeing more guys sporting this look )

I need to make it my mission to attend the Coachella festival next year in person. I love the simple and earthy look this event has to offer. Are you on board the Coachella train? Do you love this bohemian trend or is it not your style? Let us know :) Warm weather is hopefully here to stay, so lets break out the floppy hats and denim cut off shorts.

Stay classy DMV,


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