Trend Alert: Dress Up Time!

Trend Alert: Dress Up Time!

The new year will be here before you know it and what better way to welcome it than in a fabulous dress. The task of finding that perfect dress can be a little intimidating, trust me. There are so many different styles to choose from and sometimes its hard to know where to start. Well worry no more, Trend Alert to the rescue!  Follow these simple tips and you will instantly feel more confident on your next dress shopping trip. DMV, it’s dress up time so let’s go :)

1. The “hourglass” body type:

You have broad shoulders and/or a voluptuous chest, a smaller waist and gorgeous full hips.

Maggy London $128, www.nordstroms.com

This dress is the perfect fit for your figure. The brocade band around the waist will accentuate your tiny waist.

2. The “apple” body type:

You have been blessed with lovely limbs. Your legs and arms are thin, and accompanied by fullness through the ribs and stomach.

Patra $158 , www.nordstroms.com

The chiffon fabric in this dress helps to balance out your midsection, while the beading on the strap draws attention to your lovely arms.

3.  The “pear” body type:

You have a wonderful waist. Your ribs and shoulders are narrow, with full, womanly hips.

Kay Unger $328, www.nordstroms.com

The wide collar detailing will draw all of the attention to your beautiful face and small waist. I love the classic Champagne color.

4. The “pencil” body type:

You are wonderfully thin. You have a straight waist and narrow shoulders and hips.

Suzi Chin $118, www.nordstroms.com

The ruffle top and bow are perfect for creating a curvier  figure.  Added bonus, ruffles are very big this season!

5. The “womanly” body type:

You are ultra feminine. You have a fullness through your core, arms and legs.

Robbie Bee $88, www.nordstroms.com

The vertical stripes in this dress not only make you look thinner but they will also make you look taller.

The new year means new beginnings and new opportunities, so ring in 2011 looking fabulous and get ready to dress to impress.

Stay classy DMV,


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