Trend Alert: Fashion Flashback

Trend Alert: Fashion Flashback

Time always seems to pass by so quickly and when it comes to fashion there is no exception. In this edition of Trend Alert, I will be taking you on journey back in time. Let’s explore the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to see what trends have made a comeback and what trends should just stay in the past. Here we go!

70’s style:

Picture: www.denimology.com

Farrah Fawcett was a fashion icon in the 70’s. Here is a picture of her sporting one of her signature looks, a pair of very cute flare jeans.

Picture: www.denimology.com

Flash forward 40 years and flare jeans make a reappearance. Kelly Rippa keeps her look modern by pairing her jeans jeans with a boyfriend blazer. Very cute!

Picture: www.plaidstallions.com

These ladies look happy but we should definitely leave the colorful flare jumpsuits in the 70’s!

80’s style:

Picture: www.feedmeimhungry.com

In the 80’s the biggest craze was Flashdance. This introduced us to the world of leggings and leg warmers.

Picture: www.frappelattes.com

Thanks to the inspiration of the 80’s, leggings have made a huge comeback.  Every girl now a days owns at least one pair of leggings. Wear your leggings with a pair of cute boots and you will be just as stylish as Kim Kardashian.

Picture: www.bubblepunch.com

Thru the years Madonna has always been a big risk taker when it comes to fashion. In the 80’s, this look was probably admired by many.  Walk out wearing this today and all you will get is awkward looks. The 80’s can keep this look.

90’s style:

Picture: www.earsucker.com

Kurt Cobain introduced us to the grunge look. His signature style included over sized button down flannel tops. Who knew it would be a big comeback.

Picture: www. examiner.com

The full grunge look is definitely not back in style but Mary Kate Olsen’s shows how it inspired a trendy look today. Take your plaid flannel shirt and pair it with some skinny denim and your ready to step out in style.

Picture: www.fanpop.com

Clueless is a classic when it came to the 90’s (I must have watched that movie a million times lol), but ladies let’s leave the short plaid skirts in the past. The school girl look has hopefully made its last appearance.

Fashion is a constant cycle of bringing back old trends. Some I’m certain we will see again while others I really hope have signed off for good. What trends do you see coming back in style? We love to hear what you think, so comment away :)

Stay classy DMV,


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