Trend Alert: It’s a Klein-tastic look

Trend Alert: It’s a Klein-tastic look

We have all been searching for the perfect bag/shoe to complete our holiday looks. It’s that time for holiday parties and while going as a fabulous single fashionista is great (I can have a great time without a date), nothing beats entering the party with a well dressed man. Ladies I know you’ve seen it happen, a fabulous dressed girl (looks like she spent hours to get ready) walks in with a guy who looks like he rolled out of bed. BAD.BAD.BAD :( Not to worry Calvin Klein to the rescue!

Calvin Klein Winter 2011:

This is a relaxed look with class. Not super dressy but think low key cool. Just please make sure he removes his sunglasses once inside (my biggest pet peeve!)

You can never go wrong with the classic suit. Slim fitting and tailored. WOW…..love, love!

Looking for a twist on the classic suit? The white trim makes this suit trendy yet still fabulous. (Not a huge fan of the white turtleneck)

Need a splash of color? The cobalt blue is a great option if you want to try something different from the traditional black suit.

For the men fashion risk takers, try this look.  Confidence is definitely required to pull off this look.

* Pictures provided by www.calvinkleininc.com

It takes less time for men to get ready (although there are exceptions lol) but that should not be an excuse to just throw something on. For those who might need a little guidance,  let Calvin Klein inspire your  husband/boyfriend/date to look just as fabulous as you do :)

Stay classy DMV,


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